• 17 March 2013 at 02 : 25 AM

    Placing my Top Bar Hive.

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    Placing my Top Bar Hive.

    I have just placed my Top Bar Hive in its place.   I have placed the hive to face away fro the direction of the most common winds and baited it with lemon grass oil. Hopefully the bees will find it very soon. I may not have much chance of getting a swarm at this […]

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  • 28 May 2012 at 11 : 49 AM

    Fairy garden in a barrel.

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    Fairy garden in a barrel.

    Gardens shouldn't just produce food but they should also be things that bring joy and contentment to your life. With this in mind my daughter and I have recently made a fairy garden in an old wine barrel. We built a Fairy House and a bridge. These were made using twigs from our Christmas tree […]

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  • 28 April 2012 at 10 : 36 AM

    Maintaining your wormfarm.

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    It is important to maintain your worm farm to keep your worms happy and healthy, Feeding, keeping the wormfarm damp and draining excess liquid are all important to ensure your wormfarm continues to provide you with quality liquid and wormcastings for your plants to benefit from. You can see how we made this worm farm […]

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  • 26 April 2012 at 08 : 55 AM

    A visit to Glenmore House.

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    We visited Glenmore house where they have a great kitchen garden as well as some other very nice more flower gardens. See some great garden beds in both traditional rows and permaculture or guild style. There are also many fruit trees grown in an espalier style. Come take a stroll with us and see what […]

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  • 3 March 2012 at 10 : 13 AM

    Warragamba Dam Overflows. 3rd March 2012

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    Warragamba Dam near Sydney, Australia, overflowed after one of the biggest rain events Australia has seen in recorded times. The last time Warragamba Dam was full was in 1997. In 2007 the Dam was at about 35% of capacity. In the month of February it has gone from just over 80% capacity to full and […]

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  • 28 February 2012 at 10 : 01 AM

    Tuesdays tip No.8 Gutter Mulch.

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    There are always places to get mulch for your garden or compost bin. The roof gutters on your house or any other buildings on your property are one of many. If you have a suggestion for Tuesdays Tip then please leave a message below. Follow us on facebook at Music in this video intro […]

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Welcome to The Productive Garden.

Lots of people have gardens that look pretty, but what if you could have a garden that feeds you as well. If you find this an interesting idea then stay tuned. After a bit of a lazy winter and unrealised plans from last summer I have found myself with a bit of a mess. I am going to show you how I am turning my garden from an overgrown weed patch to a productive food factory. I plan to update the site weekly (or more if there is something special) so come back regularly to see how things are going.