Bees are the most important pollinators in the world and much of the food we eat depends on them. I am not just talking about the European Honey Bee though. There are many other species of bees who do a great job of pollinating plants and sometimes a better job than European Honey Bees. European Honey Bees are however the most prolific honey producers.

I enjoy beekeeping and I am passionate about all sorts of bees.

As well as keeping honey bees I also have habitats in my garden to encourage native bees and provide nesting areas for them.

Welcome to The Productive Garden.

Lots of people have gardens that look pretty, but what if you could have a garden that feeds you as well. If you find this an interesting idea then stay tuned. After a bit of a lazy winter and unrealised plans from last summer I have found myself with a bit of a mess. I am going to show you how I am turning my garden from an overgrown weed patch to a productive food factory. I plan to update the site weekly (or more if there is something special) so come back regularly to see how things are going.