Chickens for sale

We occasionally let our hens hatch eggs from time to time and in early 2010 we bought an incubator so that we could start producing more birds, Cross bred chicks may be avaiable in late 2012.
We have limited numbers of Maran eggs available as of 30 September 2012. Please contact us on 0410590044 or for details.

We have also just got ourselves a nice Araucana rooster and will get him some Araucana hens very soon so they should be available later in 2012.

Here is our Araucana Rooster

We have placed eggs in our incubator today (9/9/12).
13 Maran eggs and 19 Araucana cross eggs.
Hopefully we will have lots of little chickens in about 3 weeks.

Eggs in our incubator

We have our Maran hen laying eggs so eggs may be available. Let us know if you want some and we can see what we can do. Keep in mind that with one hen at the moment we get just one egg a day so we can't supply a great amount at this stage. Hopefully more hens will be on the way soon.
For details call John on 0410590044.

Welcome to The Productive Garden.

Lots of people have gardens that look pretty, but what if you could have a garden that feeds you as well. If you find this an interesting idea then stay tuned. After a bit of a lazy winter and unrealised plans from last summer I have found myself with a bit of a mess. I am going to show you how I am turning my garden from an overgrown weed patch to a productive food factory. I plan to update the site weekly (or more if there is something special) so come back regularly to see how things are going.