Our Chickens

In the productive Garden we have had cross bred chickens for quite a few years.
At the moment we have about 12 hens and one rooster.
Our hens are a mixture of Australorp crosses and Rhode Island Red crosses along with some younger hens that are are a result of breeding with our rooster. There is also an Old English Game Bantam hen who chose our yard as her home a few years ago and has stayed ever since.
Our rooster is a Barnvelder cross.
We occasionally let our hens hatch eggs from time to time and in early 2010 we bought an incubator so that we could start producing more birds, Cross bred chicks may be avaiable in late 2012.
We are looking to increase our Maran flock very soon which will mean that we will have eggs and/or chicks available later in 2012.

We have also just got ourselves a nice Araucana rooster and will get him some Araucana hens very soon so they should be available later in 2012 as well

Here is our Araucana Rooster

See this page for updated info http://www.theproductivegarden.com/chickens-for-sale/

If you would like to buy some chickens or eggs from us we can be contacted at john@theproductivegarden.com

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