Top Bar Hive Update 25th September 2013


  1. I have been told that we shouldn't make the hives from plywood.    The famaldahyde in the glue kills the bees.    So maybe they don't like that.

    lucy, 3 years ago Reply

    • I have heard mixed comments about this. I do agree that some of the chemicals in the plywood maybe harmful but I came to the conclusion that any off gasing of glues in the plywood would be minimal and a hive is fairly well ventilated so the risk was minimal. Of course if someone chooses to use solid wood I have no problem with that. I think either way is right and are both valid choices.Any problems the bees have had in this hive are influenced by other factors and I couldnt say at this stage that the plywood is the problem.
      I hope this makes sense.

      Thank you for your comment :)

      John, 3 years ago Reply

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